Release Notes

McAfee® SiteAdvisor® Enterprise 3.5.0 Software

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New features
Known issues
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About this document

Thank you for choosing this McAfee product. This document contains important information about the current release. We strongly recommend that you read the entire document.

ImportantWe do not support the automatic upgrade of a pre-release software version. To upgrade to a production release of the software, you must first uninstall the existing version.

New features

Here is a list of features included with this release of the product.

Features and enhancements for SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.5

Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) — Web Reputation to provide protection at a URL level instead of domain level
Refined content categorization as per Category Set 4
Multi-Slot policy for Content Actions
Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 64-bit browsers
Support for Google Chrome version 13.0 or later
Support for Mozilla FireFox version 4.0.1
New Netbook user interface to provide a compact title bar view
File download protection for Mozilla FireFox
Hardening policy — Prevent end users from circumventing prevention
Augment Private IP — Allow users to specify IP addresses which skips the GTI lookup and consider the IP address as private.
Intenationalized Domain Name (IDN) support
Significant quality improvements across all product components
Link safety checking in email clients to provide warnings in email messages with links to red or yellow sites. This is applicable in browser based and non-browser based email clients.
Gateway awareness to Internal Landmark — SiteAdvisor uses the Internal Landmark (DNS name) to determine whether it is behind a Gateway device or not.

Known issues

Here is a list of known issues that we were aware of at release.

To view an updated list of issues associated with this release, see KB73128 in the McAfee Support online KnowledgeBase:

1Issue — When SiteAdvisor Enterprise is deployed on a client computer where Outlook is open, SiteAdvisor annotations do not appear in emails having malicious information. (Reference: 586727)

Workaround — Close and reopen Microsoft Outlook for the annotations to appear in emails having malicious information.

2Issue — When the end-user decides to view only secure content from a security warning notification, SiteAdvisor Enterprise annotation image on email clients do not appear on any email having malicious links. (Reference: 586055)
3Issue — If SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.5 is installed first and then VirusScan Enterprise is installed, SiteAdvisor Enterprise hardening rules are not enforced. (Reference: 695715, 704804)

Workaround — From the Services console, restart McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise Service.

4Issue — During a SiteAdvisor network outage, the Troubleshoot link in Show Balloon does not launch the Troubleshooting SiteAdvisor Communication Errors page in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0. (Reference: 695715, 704804)

Workaround — Deselect Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer) from Tools | Internet Options | Security | Local Intranet.

Finding product documentation

McAfee provides the information you need during each phase of product implementation, from installation to daily use and troubleshooting. After a product is released, information about the product is entered into the McAfee online KnowledgeBase.

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